DANESI Has Been Shipping Stone For Over 50 Years!

95% of our freight is granite and marble

DANESI has more than 50 years of experience in the shipping of granite and stone products.  From large slabs to pallets, we understand the special care that is required for these types of goods and we make sure that our transportation specialists understand the requisites to ensure your shipment arrives in the best possible condition.  

We specialize in Multi-mode Transport

With offices in Brasil, China, Turkey, India, Italy and here in the United States, Danesi USA is a global logistics partner that provides its customers with a wide range of transportation solutions, from overnight air to ocean vessel charter services. Danesi USA is specialized in the movement of airfreight and ocean LCL and FCL cargo services on an international level.  We have global buying power, access to wide allocation and specific equipment required for the movement of all kind of freight, including oversized cargo.

DANESI specializes in SEA, AIR, GROUND & RAIL shipments.

In-House Customs Clearance

For faster turnkey service!

Danesi provides complete in-house customs brokerage. Leave the hard work to us.  We will prepare and submit your documents to facilitate export or imports into the country.  Our licensed team works closely with our import coordinators ensuring that your shipment is not held up due to missing documents.  Our licensed brokers are up to date with all local regulations and are continuously staying up to date on the latest trade news.   Having the proper personnel handling your brockerage can make or break your bottom line.  

Minimize warehousing and storage fees.

Maximize on time shipments.

Let Danesi handle your documentation.

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