50 Years Of History

Since 1954, the Danesi family, headed by Mr. Umberto, promoter of the company Danesi Spedizioni srl located in Carrara has been handling sea, inland and airfreight shipments. Carrara is the historical and major centre of the natural stones market and technical processing.

Global Representation

Today, the Danesi companies have partnered with Savino Del Bene and together offer a global network that specializes in logistics, supply chain management and ocean, air and truck shipments to and from every destination. Danesi and Savino Del Bene have become a one-stop transportation provider with more than 3100 employees, 140 own branches and 65 subsidiaries offices, and with the support of more than 150 selected agents.

Best Rates In The Industry

Danesi USA offers the best rates for full container loads and door to door service.

Don't take our word for it, submit a request for quote and find out for yourself.

Specialized In Shipping Stone

DANESI has more than 50 years of experience in the shipping of granite and stone products.  


From large slabs to pallets, we understand the special care that is required for these types of goods and we make sure that our transportation specialists understand the requisites to ensure your shipment arrives in the best possible condition.  

Full Transparency Transportation

The Danesi Corporate Intranet System has been designed to be the single portal of business operations.

Corporate, Clients, Brokers, Vendors, and Employees use the Danesi Corporate Intranet system for supply chain management and their day to day operations.  The system allows all involved to share, collaborate and communicate throughout every shipment phase.  

Imagine knowing where your shipment is from the moment it's booked, to when it leaves the port and every step of the way until it's received at your door.  

We call it full transparency transportation.

World Class Support

Our team is constantly striving to enhance our relationships with our core air and ocean transportation partners which allow us to provide better service and rates to our end client.

Our experience in various markets, partnerships and integrated technologies allow us to be transparent with out customers every step of the way.   

In House Customs Clearance


We will prepare and submit your documents to facilitate export or imports into the country.

Our licensed team works closely with our import coordinators ensuring that your shipment is not held up due to missing documents.

Minimize warehousing and storage fees.

Maximimize on time shipments.