LCL Shipments

When you don't have enough cargo to fill an entire container, DANESI offers LCL service between major ports worldwide. We have an extensive network and container freight stations. Depending on the type of goods, DANESI will offer you space within a shared container that has other customers goods.  This service provides the most economical cost while providing full container load frequency, routing and visiblity.  LCL keeps your goods moving rather than waiting until you have a full container.

Global Network Coverage

Frequent Sailings with Fast Transit Times

Reliability, Competive Pricing & Shipment Visibility

Ocean Shipments

DANESI offers ocean shipments from and to everywhere in the world. With our broad range of Ocean Freight products covering different equipment types and consolidation services, we ensure your cargo reaches the right place, at the right time in the most cost-efficient way. We work with a spread of ocean carriers covering major carrier alliances with planned space protection from every major container port in the world to deliver reliability.  Danesi corporate offices are located in Italy and offer loading, unloading and storage in most Italian ports.

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Combined Transport

Combined transport is a form of intermodal transport, which is the movement of goods in one and the same loading unit or road vehicle, using successively two or more modes of transport without handling the goods themselves in changing modes. Combined transport is intermodal transport where the major part of the journey is by rail, inland waterways or sea, and any initial and/or final legs carried out by road are as short as possible.

DANESI specializes in SEA, AIR, GROUND, & RAIL shipping.

Break Bulk

DANESI offers Break Bulk shipping as an international door-to-door service for bulk shipments that need to clear customs as a single unit. Save on multiple import & export customs clearance fees, duty and tax management costs. Save warehousing costs by avoiding the need to hold inbound shipments until final deliveries can be arranged.

One shipment.  One company.  Zero hassle.

Door To Door

For customers who prefer need door-to-door service, DANESI offers multi-mode transportation. Whether by sea,  From shipping heavy cargo that require flat open three axle trucking or closed 40' container shipping, DANESI can handle your freight needs.

Domestic Door-To-Door Shipments

International Door-To-Door Shipments

International / Domestic Door-To-Door Shipments 

Domestic / International Door-To-Door Shipments

Air Freight

DANESI offers air freight cargo shipping to over 627 destinations airport-to-airport worldwide. We provide international transportation solutions for general dry freight of any size, type or weight in single packages, on pallets or skids, in containers or crates, or for consolidated air cargo shipments.

Palletized or Single Shipments

Integrated Pickup and Delivery Available To Most Markets

Custom Brokerage Services Available Upon Request

Air Cargo Insurance Upon Request

Online Booking

EDI Booking and Booking Updates

Automated POD Updates/Online Tracking

Container Management

DANESI handles the loading, unloading and storage of your containers both locally and overseas. 

Shipping & Insurance

Shipping Agency

DANESI's in house shipping agency is responsible for handling your shipments and cargo, and the interests of its customers, at ports and harbours worldwide.  Our agents and cargo brokers will ensure your shipment is in good hands every step of the way and will take care care of the shipping tasks quickly and efficiently. They ensure that essential supplies, crew transfers, customs documentation, and waste declarations are all arranged with the port authorities without delay.  They are in constant contact with the shipping company with updates and activities at the destination port so that shipping companies have real-time information available to them while goods are in transit.


Freight Insurance

With the aim of offering our clients a complete range of services with major guarantees, DANESI offers freight insurance to ensure your cargo damage risk is mitigated.  Freight or cargo insurance is provided as a floating policy which covers all of your cargo ( *See Insurance Conditions & Claims ), and is contrated through Transunion which is a worldwide company specialized in transportation insurance. By insuring your freight, your precious cargo will be covered by any incident that occurs during the entire transportation service.


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